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This is what your foot form reveals about your personality!

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How do your toes appear?

Do you have a larger second toe than your main toe? Do you have any toes that cross or are they all straight? Your physical appearance will reveal a lot about your personality. The shape of your nose, whether your thumb is straight or crooked, and how you hold your legs while sitting down, for example, are all indicators. You should also include the shape of your feet in this list!

Is this something you can relate to? Remove your socks and have a look around!

1. The typical foot

The most popular form of foot is the slanting foot. If your feet look like this, you’re a well-balanced person. You’re impulsive and outgoing, and you like meeting new people and doing new things. You enjoy traveling and you enjoy learning about new cultures.

2. The foot of the blaze

The fact that the second toe is longer than the big toe is a striking feature of this foot formation. You’re a very sporty guy if you have this kind of foot. You’re quite inventive: you like coming up with fresh ideas. You’re very good at persuading people because of your zeal. You have the ability to be impulsive at times.

3. Square footage

All of the toes are around the same length in this sort of foot. You’re a real thinker who prefers to weigh both the advantages and disadvantages before making a final decision. You’re a real guy who is still dependable and trustworthy.

4. The foot that has been extended

The toes cross each other a little on this foot, which is relatively long. This style of the foot indicates that you are an introvert. You have deep depths and like to keep things to yourself. You have a tendency to be impulsive, and your moods will swing dramatically.

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