Nowleb.com is the authentic Lebanese website that covers all your events to any type of business, from Nightlife, Dining, Fashion shows, Health & Fitness, Catering, sports, and many more.

Our website sections accommodate all tastes and serve as a portal to knowing what’s going on in the country at all levels.

Our services include Photography, Videography, press releases, articles, reviews, Social Media mentions on our channels and leasing online advertising space on our website as we provide you with the latest breaking news and videos straight from the entertainment industry.

Nowleb.com sections:

Events: This section covers all events related to Entertainment, Dining, Nightlife, Festivals, Launchings, and Exhibitions as well as informs about upcoming events.

Lifestyle: The Lifestyle segment, offers the coverage of Fashion shows, jewelry, Business, Health & Fitness, Restaurants, Recipes, chefs of the week, Travel, Art, Shopping, and more.

Going Out: Is designated to give the latest news about Restaurants, Bars & Pubs as well as Resorts, Night clubs, Tours, and all related materials concerning the people’s weekend planning.

Food & Drink: As the name states, Food & Drink core target is to inform the people of all F&B trends on the Lebanese market as well as review Restaurants, introduce Chefs & Outlets, and offer a “How to make” section that helps the cooking savvy audience in addition to a “Top 10 section” that reviews F&B places.

Family & Kids: This segment speaks to all parents out there that need content on the Family atmosphere from Restaurants & Parks to Activities, Education, and more.  Sports: The Sports section is about the Fitness world, clubs, Sports shops, Extreme Sports.